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by Naoto Kojoh

At the WORLD PEACE THEATRE in Kawasaki
August 16 (Saturday) @ 18:30
August 17 (Sunday) @ 12:30 & 16:00
Tickets - 3000 Yen at the door; 2500 Yen in advance or reserved


The Teleportation Project is a fantastic piece of theatre that explores the personal, social, and philosophical consequences of a world-changing technology. You don't want to miss this fantastic piece of theatre created by YTG and guest director from Holland Jochem van Rijsingen.

Teleportation is the instantaneous transportation of a person or an object from one place to another. We will be using this theme to examine how instant travel could change society and human identity. Is the person who has been broken apart at one end and assembled again at the other end (with different molecules, but otherwise identical) the same person, or did the original die? What could be the social consequences of such a technology?

The Teleportation Project will feature the YTG 2014 Summer Ensemble, JDS Youth dance ensemble, and select JDS students.

If you wish to be an usher (and see the show for free), please also use our ::CONTACT FORM::

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Beowulf_Flyer_Submission_0120130715_132129_20130715132407282The Beowulf Project was not a regular main stage show. It was a project initiated by THE ART Project Multicultural Book-Reading Club and sponsored by Kawasaki city’s Takatsu ward’s Shiminkan. The goal was to produce a show, based on a foreign fairy tale or story, that the kids could perform in English. We wanted to eliminate any preconceptions about the story, so we chose Beowulf. We guessed, correctly, that most schoolchildren wouldn’t be familiar with an Old English epic poem. We also decided that we didn’t want a regular kids’ show with the children just memorizing lines and waving their arms around, and also that we wanted to try to follow the philosophy of the YTG Ensemble as much as possible. It was important that the kids spend much of the show being themselves rather than "acting". 

(Photo: First “audition” day in Kawasaki. July 15, 2013)

(Poster: the Beowulf flyer)

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Show-n-Tell Interviews

Recently, Artistic Director Andrew Woolner and associate artist (and teacher of our voice classes) Graig Russell sat down with Soness Stephens of to talk about some Theatre-related topics. Read more to watch them all! 


(The videos were compiled by Soness and Brian over at If you enjoyed them, head over to that link and see what else they've got.)

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Haunted 150pxOn August 3rd and 4th, 2013 YTG presented its second House Show.

The show was created and scripted by the Yokohama Theatre Summer Ensemble in rehearsal, based on scene ideas and improvisations created by members, working from the theme of  "Haunted".

Unlike the first House Show, in which the ensemble used a living room as a makeshift theatre, the Summer Ensemble took on the challenge of using the house pretty much as-is. The architecture and layout of the house directly inspired not just the theme, but also each and every scene in the show.


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HSII Headshots June

The summer ensemble. From left to right: Sarah, Andrew, Roni, Robert, and Yinan.


On May 10, the YTG Summer Ensemble started rehearsals for its next show. Like our last production in October 2012, the performance will take place in a private home. This time, the venue is located near Takata station on the Yokohama Green Line.


We can’t give you any more details right now, because there is no script yet. The ensemble will create the script in rehearsal over the next two months. As always, you can be sure to be alerted as soon as tickets go on sale by ::JOINING OUR MAILING LIST::


You can read all about our process and our rehearsal reports ::HERE::


Steve SilverLocation: Osaka, Japan
YTG Classes: All of them
Term: Summer and Fall 2012; Winter 2013

Steve moved to Japan in 2003 to work as a university instructor. He has always had a passion for theatre but only recently decided he wanted to pursue it. Steve discovered Yokohama Theatre Group through a google search. He decided to enroll in the classes because they looked like good quality classes and would focus on skills that he wanted to develop. After enrolling in the summer term he enrolled again for the fall term. Steve highly recommends the YTG classes and he commutes from Osaka to Yokohama to attend them. In April he will return home to the States to pursue a career as a professional actor/singer.


All of our activites are documented through the various links on this website, but for those of you stumbling across us for the first time, we thought we'd post a little summary of all the things that we do, to save you some time. For those of you who have been following us for years, there may be some things you've missed along the way, so this is a chance to review.

The Yokohama Theatre Group is a registered Non-Profit organizaton in Japan. It has existed since 1900. Over the last few years, we've been making the transition from a club to a full-fledged Theatre ensemble and school.

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